“Two things happened. One at the start and one when the album was completed. A friend and collaborator, unearthed some dusty audio cassettes in storage. He found an old tape machine and listened. There were almost a hundred songs we had made together – voices and a guitar on four tracks. He said it sounded like “Ghosts Of Our Former Selves”. I wanted to make music again and I realised everything we do and create is that.”

I found a small self-published book of poetry dated 1992. These were the thoughts of my father over a number of years. I was in some of the poems, my mother, my brothers. Love, death, work – humour, tragedy. He was close to the age I am now. Our parents place us where we are. They are like pin drops on a map and we create our own gravity by understanding who they have been. We are echoes of them – children, lovers, defeats, hopes.

Music also places us. When we made songs we were’nt “capturing a moment” – we are everything that we’ve seen and done and all of the music we have heard.”

Ghosts Of Our Former Selves are from London, Sao Paulo, Glasgow and Tehran. Their first album will be released in 2016